Thursday, 16 July 2009

Project: GAME OVER

In all my procrastination I've never actually gotten around to re-buying some of my older, beloved consoles. Topping the wish list at the moment would be the original NES and the dreamy Sega Saturn. Needless to say, If i did own either console, the last thing I would do would be to start dicking around and modifying them to suit my own twisted designs. But the French, well, they just always have to make a point, don't they? Oh wait, that's not a stereotype is it? Bugger. Well, then, as they say, only in France.....

OMFG! What is that!? Zombie SNES!? Seriously though, how cool is this? It's like someone went into my head and combined two of my greatest loves! Oh wait, that already happened:

Whilst I struggle to restrain myself from unleashing an almighty nostalgia trip, enjoy some more pictures of this wonderfully hideous creation.

As you all know: anything that has eyeballs on it is instantly RAD! Trying to find out more about this project was a task, seeing as it's all in French. But, If you want to make the effort, just go here and translate. All I know is that it looks incredible and it still works.

Googling it will just leave you with results for the real Game Over Project - an art project by some Swiss cheeses that uses stop-motion animation and real people instead of pixels, to re-create some of our most beloved, classic games. All can be seen on their Youtube channel, so I'll leave you with the Tetris one to get started. Adorable, ain't it?

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Folie A Deux said...

That Tetris video is hypnotic beyond belief! I couldn't stop watching and listening to the homemade sounds. Awesome.


Jon Davies said...

very cool vid and the zombie snes! ZOMG!(shame on me, i know)

Split-Screen said...

No shame here Jon. We're all about the ironic internet speaks ROFLZZZZZLOL

vandalworks said...

man if you're interested, i have a nes for sale, box too. i'll have to check all the leads but they're easy enough to find online. comes with about 10 games i think. if you want details and a couple of pics lemme know!

also got a saturn for sale, never had one and never really played it, comes with three games and possibly leads. games are olympic soccor, wipeout and alien trilogy!