Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter IV Tournament: Round 4 - FIGHT!

This isn't on. The losing I mean. I should have figured out a way to rig my matches by now, right? I haven't, obviously. Forgive me, for I digress. What I should be telling you is just how it's all going. Right now, it doesn't take a genius to work out that J JOHNSON is a goddamn machine! As is the ever-mysterious vandalworks, who has mustered an impressive 5 points, presumably by summoning the spirit of the dark hado. Bad karma, man. I await my pasting. Prof Membrain, ULTIMATEGMX and Bojack could still turn things around considerably at this stage, but as for us three at the bottom, don't despair, for I have arranged an extra-special bottom 3 losers prize - HOOKERS! The classy ones too! *

Anyway, here's the table as it currently stands:

And here are this round's pairings:

J JOHNSON vs Prof. Membrain

Vandalworks vs The Faux Bot

ULTIMATE GMX vs Bojack85

NaFunk vs therightbullets

Who will prove the old axiom today?

The Faux Bot

*quality and existence of said hookers is subject to status