Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Go home and be a family man

You know who's awesome? cr0nt, that's who. You may have noticed him making a few comments lately and he has become a welcome addition to the site. Anyway, I mention in passing that I was thinking of getting a forum; just so you guys can conveniently talk amongst yourselves, start debates, make suggestions without the restrictions of specific comments sections. I mentioned this. BAM! Five minutes later and I'm presented with a link to our very own forum. Shower this man with praise and go sign up. Start some topics, give us some ideas and most importantly, enjoy it. It's for you guys.

I'm flattered and honoured to have this. Thanks, cr0nt. You sir, rule.

Sign up or die!

The link will be permanently on the left-hand side of the blog for hereon in.

The Faux Bot


Justtherightbullets said...

Awesome work, I just signed up now, but can't seem to reply to threads or post new topics? All the options appear to be 'admin only'.

cr0nt said...

Kris, could you try again and let me know - I'll try and get it fixed, should be easy. And to all else, please bear with the appearance, its pretty grim as its almost a default theme, I WILL make it pretty, but it will take a week :)

I'm not so awesome, just been ill and have plenty of time!

But everyone must sign up, or else I will hack their GT and dress them all like Paris Hilton.

Justtherightbullets said...

LMAO @ the possibility of a Bojack Paris Hilton.

I'll try and post again now.

cr0nt said...

w00t, posting now enabled.

cr0nt said...

and Bojack is yet to sign up... ;)