Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter IV Tournament: Round 5 - FIGHT!

This week I want to send out a special thank you to NaFunk. His courage and determination is a inspiration to us all. I've also noticed this week that there is a distinct lack of trash talking going on! What's the matter pussies? Too scared to call me out in the comments box, huh? Hopefully it'll ramp up when the finals begin to close in. But for now, the order is self-deprecation and good old-fashioned sportsmanship. If I'm honest, that's the way I like it. So bravo gentlemen, bravo.

As always, here's the table as it stands:

And this round's fixtures:

Bojack85 vs therightbullets

Nafunk vs Vandalworks

Prof Membrain vs The Faux Bot

J JOHNSON vs ULTIMATE GMX (battle of the capitals)


The Faux Bot


vandalworks said...

why do i need to taunt when i'm somehow top? i'm far too amazed and surprised to even think of hurling insults!!!!

man how cool would it be if we could have the final day fixtures in one place? be cool to meet everyone and chat about all things tigers and fireballs!

Folie A Deux said...

Second. JTRB

Split-Screen said...

I'd love to do that, but the likelyhood of all the boys from work getting a day off together is well, unlikely. Impossible even. Leave it with me though, I'll try and sort it, that would be fucking amazing. If not, maybe we could organise some proper one-day only event? An idea I I toyed with before.