Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Guns for Toys (?)

A special toy post this week as it's going to feature the bits and pieces that have filled the cups of The Faux Bot and Bojack85 over the last year or so.

First off some Metal Gear Solid goodies in the forms of Real Action Heroes, Big Boss, Raiden and Old Snake:

I think we can all agree Real Action Heroes make a good toy. A toy you'd be happy to explain to any child why they couldn't touch it let alone play with it, knowing full well you'd just spent the best part of an hour hovering it around the work desk making 'combat noises'. It's completely different though, people of our maturity can appreciate figures on so many more levels than your average 9 year old. Nooch. These Mediacom beauts don't come cheap now though, the Raiden 12" seems be be going for $200 and over on eBay.

Regular figures not cutting it for you these days? Yearning for the bronze statues of times past? Mindzeye Studios have heard your call and released some bronze style Gears characters. OK, so its not life-size but still pretty good I think you'll find. The kind of figure of Marcus Fenix the queen might collect.

Look at him there. Striking. I can't say too much about Gears as it seems looking through the merchandise has stirred up some pretty emotional stuff I thought I was over regarding Dom and Maria. Why do they always take the good ones ;_;.

Last but not least, Nintendo Monopoly. I don't know what to say except I'm giving some serious thought to getting this. Look at it! It's like old, shit monopoly, but with a Nintendo theme! An amazon seller has it for 26 clams which is a little steep, but a quick Google search will find you a set for 20.

The pewter pieces are Mario’s Cap, Link’s Iron Boots, Hylian Shield, Donkey Kong’s Barrel, Koopa Shell and NES Controller.

Game anyone?


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