Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Say It Ain't So: Skate UK Delay (EA can kiss my balls)

What the fuck is wrong with living in the UK? I mean, why are we always getting shafted by the games industry. Sony barely acknowledges our existence and we are always at the bottom of the chain for releases. See, I can understand delays from Japanese games, because of the translation, but why do so many American games take so long to get released over here? I'm talking to you, EA. I've been hyped about Skate for ages now and I had just got over the fact that the Americans get it on the 12th of September and we Brits had to wait until the 21st. It made no sense, but I dealt with it. And then, today I find that it has been pushed back to the 28th! WHAT THE FUCK?! Just for the hell of it? Just bolt on another week for shits and giggles? Is that how EA marketing execs get their kicks? I guess so, because they must be fucking retarded to release the week after Halo 3. What douche made that decision? "Oh, hopefully people will be finished with the 360's BIGGEST GAME TO DATE in a single week!" Hmmmmm. EA seemingly couldn't give a flying fuck how the game does out here. And that's their problem I guess. It would take so little effort to get a little interest for it in the UK, but they probably have to devote their entire manpower to providing enough smoke and mirrors to make the next FIFA not seem like a half-finished piece of shit.

The UK Skate website hasn't been updated for 3 months! Can companies really get away with being THAT lazy? Apparently so. Maybe they know that the suckers who are going to buy the game are the kind that have been waiting for it so long that no matter how much they get fucked over, they'll still be there, desperate to hand over that 40 quid. Call me a sucker.

Hey! EA! Gimme a job! I could turn around your UK marketing in a day! I know I'm not exactly a prolific Blogger, but I reckon I can manage more than once every 3 months.

Rant over.

More EA HATE coming soon negativity fans!
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