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The Hype-Pipe is a sort of mind pipe which is filled with hype, as in our excitement for upcoming games. That's pretty straightforward then................


Those of you who have already experienced the ultraviolent head-chomping, vulture slaying extra-terrestrial romp-a-thon that is Alien Hominid will no doubt be aware of The Behemoth's next offering. If you aren't, then spread open your fact-pipe, chum. the best (or worst, depending on how literate you are) way I can think to describe Castle Crashers is as a combination of Alien Hominid meets Golden Axe. It retains the same flash aesthetic of Hominid but the action takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The Behemoth promises four-player co-operative gameplay and from the looks of the screenshots some all out hack and slash comedy slaying fun and spell casting. I think its a safe bet that The Behemoth will retain the same simplicity and rewarding gameplay that made Alien Hominid so addictive. In my mind, this is set to be a sure-fire winner and I eagerly await its release on XBOX Live Arcade. That in mind, let's hope that they deliver some glitch-free Achievements this time (those of you who never opened Missile Mastar know what I mean).

Looking back over what I just wrote, and there's not much there....but this, dear readers (all two of you) perfectly encapsulates what Castle Crashers is all about. Sure, it appears to be incredibly simple, and so, there's not much to write about it. However, the fact that I was so motivated to write this piece perfectly represents the excitement and potential fun -overload that Castle Crashers promises.

The multiplayer aspect will certainly give Castle Crashers much more sustainability than Hominid had, all I have to do now is persuade 3 of my friends to invest in it when it's released. You have the option to play through each level cooperatively, then duke it out between yourselves at the end to decide who gets the princess ^_^ Check it, yo:

I couldn't finish this without mentioning the visuals. I loved Dan Paladin's work on Hominid and they certainly seem to have retained a similar sense of style for Crashers. Look at it! It looks fucking great!!

I'm spent...........
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