Monday, 17 September 2007

The Faux Bot's top 3 sound effects.

Slow news day, innit.

With the aid of Bojack, last night I discovered just how funny I have found particular sound effects through the ages. I won't spoil it by telling you which sound effect set me off, but I quickly realised that I could easily compile a top 3 of sounds that made me piss my pants. So, here we go, with not necessarily the best, but definitely the funniest in-game sound effects.


This one is hilarious. Whenever someone places down a 'pick up 4' card, you are given the option to challenge it. If they had another card they could play and were purely being malicious, then they have to take the cards. However, if you challenge it and they genuinely could only play that card, you have to pick up even more cards! This would normally be very painful, but thankfully, the blow is softened by its accompanying sound effect. Here goes:


2. Call Of Duty 4 MP Beta (XBOX 360)

This shouldn't be as funny as it is, but it took me completely by surprise when playing the other day. Included in the Beta are a number of challenges, which when completed, will give you new upgrades for your created character. Whilst these new add-ons are indeed very cool, the most exciting part for me is the sound effect you get when a challenge is successfully completed. It sounds alot like a diesel powered Fender playing it's first chord with loads of reverb. Here goes:


1. Enemy Zero (Saturn)

This is easily the one that started me off. Never before had I found an individual sound to be so funny. Alot of its hilarity can be attributed to the situation in which I heard it. Bojack was the only kid I knew who had a Saturn and as a child, I spent many a Saturday afternoon sat in front of his TV whilst we played the likes of Guardian Heroes and Fighters MegaMix. One day, Bojack began talking of this "amazing weapon" that he had found in Enemy Zero, and naturally, I wanted to see it. Initially, I was very impressed- the gun was of Doom's BFG proportions and seemed to take half an hour to charge up. Being young and foolish, I was expecting big things for so much charging.......I was cruelly let down. The impressive charging was followed by the most pitiful shot I have ever heard, I mean it sounded like an airgun. So, I present to you, this 2-stage sound effect, that whilst being very disappointing to me, has made me wet myself on a regular basis. Here goes:





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