Friday, 14 September 2007

The Green-Eyed Monster rears his ugly head.

I should really know better than to give publicity to jerks like this, but the following story represents something that has frustrated me for a while now. David Jaffe, the guy behind God Of War, has taken it upon himself to post some "Halo Flaming" on his blog. Let me just remind you that Sony likes to make a habit of using blogs for propaganda and sneaky advertising:

Anyway, seems Jaffe and his Medal of Honour Developer (hahaha) mate think Halo is overrated and think that it should go fuck itself. Now, Halo being overrated, may indeed be true, surely it should be granted more respect? I mean, it is an era-defining game, not to mention one with perhaps the largest fanbase of all time. Everyones entitled to their opinion and I wholeheartedly agree that Halo is massively overrated, but to rag on a game for having an interesting advertising campaign, to criticise it for potentially upsetting veterans when your games pillage world wars for source material time and time again. That just seems hypocritical doesn't it?

But the real issue here is that Jaffe seems to think he's cool, to outline himself as some sort of 'Industry Rebel'. Wow, big man, taking down this decade's biggest games franchise. It's alot easier to throw shit at something when the target is this big. I guess being number 2 hurts Jaffe more than he likes to let on. What a bunch of dicks. Hope your games sell well guys and that this publicity helps. xoxoxo

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