Friday, 14 September 2007

My Multiplayer Turn-Around, Call of Duty 4 Shows Me the Light

Ive never been one to care much about online multiplayer games. For me, they've always been an after thought, something extra that came with the game. I guess you could say im a loner, the 1 player experience is always my first concern. This all changed when i got my first look at the Call of Duty 4 MP. Ive been a fan of the series since the begining, playing through COD 1 and 2 on the PC, its been my favorite FP war shooter ever since (excluding COD 3 since Treyarch developed it instead of Infinity Ward and nearly royally fucked up the franchise). Im not saying ive never played OMP before, i have, i just never really cared about it enough to stick with it. But somthing got me really hyped about Infinity Wards latest installment, the perks, the weapon upgrading, ranking, creating a clan, the solid MP level design. Everything for me started to click, this was the OMP i had been waiting for, and christ did i know it. In pretty much every convosation i had with fellow gamers i would add the sentence, "did you check out the COD 4 MP videos yet?". I never talk about MP, not even the incredibly fun (if a little self contained) Gears of War MP. But i was hooked, every day i would try and find out more, and with announcement of the MP Beta i started to cream myself with excitment.

I nearly didnt get a code to play it, was my saving grace. And with a Microsoft update the very day that COD MP became avaliable in Europe stopped me from playing for a further day i was ripping my hair out. So thank christ the day after it worked. An boy was it worth it! I max ranked my character in a few hours and never looked back. This is without doubt the most fun, cool and addictive MP i have ever played! Im 99.99% sure that the single player will be freakin ace, but right now i would buy it based soley on the MP. My eyes are now focused on the MP aspect of games, with Halo 3 just around the corner im brimming with excitment as i never got to play the MP Beta. All i can say is if you've been in the unlucky % who couldnt get a code for the Beta, fear not because when Nov hits we're all gonna be in the same boat, and im looking forward to shooting the shit out of every last one of you! ^_^

Prof Membrain

p.s. check out the MP videos on and start wetting yoursleves.......if you haven't already?

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