Thursday, 28 January 2010

Toy Time pt. 2

Yeah, that's right, therightbullets isn't the only toy nerd on staff, although he does retain the title of fully-blown Otaku collector - he's really made that his own. Whilst I try to save for the odd Kaiju when it comes to buying toys, there are certain game licences that could tip me over. For instance, if they actually produced some decent Street Fighter figures, I'd be right in there - i.e. my rad Zangief Revoltech (cheers prof!). Today, however, I stumbled upon a few that may pull me in, price permitting.

I refuse to accept that I am the only one to have sexual fantasies about Bayonetta. Look at her: she's constantly sucking a lollipop, wears heels, glasses and a latex catsuit. She has wonderfully realised T&A too, which helps. My favourite Bayonetta fantasy is where I am one of the giant angel bosses and the only way I can be defeated is by her using her arms and legs to jack off my enormous angel-dick. Due to the scale and posability of this awesomely-detailed Bayonetta figure, I can now make dreams come true.

As well as being jacked off by Bayonetta, I also spend a hefty portion of my time dreaming about the future - a future in which robot suits are standard issue and we all have one, only mine is the raddest because I put cool stickers on it like Kaneda's bike in Akira. Lost Planet has robot suits in abundunce, which largely contributes to my enjoyment of the game. Lost Planet Vital Suits rendered as action figures? Fuck YEAH! Count me in.

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Justtherightbullets said...

Hoping to see many more Bayonetta figures and models in the future. It should happen too, they'd be foolish not to.