Saturday, 30 January 2010

MSN's top 10 Boss Battles

Fair play to MSN, this list is actually quite good. They have the awesome Bowser fight from Mario 64 in there, along with my personal number one: Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid. Kudos goes to the dashing and handsome Token Gestures for the link, which is here - click


vandalworks said...

i thought the psycho mantis boss battle was awesome on the psone, clever way of using the technology that was at hand!

boos battles i've enjoyed include the obvious m. bison, i'd include rainbow road from the snes mario kart on there because it was goddamn hard! another, for sheer spectacle was on transformers armada on the ps2. after playing a level on a decepticon warship, you then get plonked on a series of small islands, and in horror watch as the ship transforms into a mahoosive robot and is your boss. utterly awesome!

cr0nt said...

No love for Seth? Lol.

Shadow of the colossus is a deserving #1 imo - those boss battles were pretty epic

vandalworks said...

yeah i've heard about them, been tempted to youtube some but i think i'm gonna try get hold of a copy and just experience!! ah seth, i think i prefer bison as a boss, just remember the relief or finally beating him when i was younger!

i've been trying to think of some from more recent times, but i'm not sure i've played the right sort of games that have bosses.