Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Split-Screen Podcast: Episode 5

We thought it was episode 6. It clearly isn't. We're a little all over the shop right now so just bare with us and rest safe in the idea that the overwhelmingly poor show displayed here will only inspire us to do better next time. Thanks for listening.

Download link: MEGAUPLOAD


cr0nt said...

Its been way too long! Good job

cr0nt said...

cruel and unusual punishment. Give them to Bad News to give to me ;)

Justtherightbullets said...


Bojack85 said...

Great job again gents. I must say though the more I read about and see FFXIII it just puts me off more and more. It doesnt sound like FF to me. From the extremely bent leona lewis trailer and the article JTRB mentioned its confirmed it for me. Its gunna either be a borrow or special offer job.

As for demon souls is it actually any good cos that whole gameplay mechanic doesnt seem like a selling point to me. Also JTRB your right MW2 is alot easier on vetran.

YEAH R0Y said...

im in the exact same predicament with lost odyssey i think im on the end of disk 3 or near the start of disk 4 and havent played it in over a year an d cant be assed to start again or to continue ..... lame