Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bayonetta infinity climaxing all over Jessica Chobot and Cammy White

If that were real, I could be held accountable for millions of jizz-encrusted keyboards all over the world. Sadly, for us all, the Bayonetta/Jessica Chobot/Cammy squirt bukkake will probably never come to light. Anyway, to business: It's come to my attention that we get a lot more visitors here than the followers suggests. This is good. Over 66% of those visitors were drawn here because of a post we did a while back concerning the ever-tempting Chobot. Another sizeable percentage were here because of some Cammy cosplay. In my never-ending quest to be an internet-whore, I can't afford to get all high-and-mighty and be thinking about things like integrity. I have to keep giving the people what they want, namely, filth. From here on in, I, The Faux Bot, pledge to you, my loyal readers to increase the percentage of filth posted on this here blog.

Let's get the ball rolling with a Bayonetta hentai gallery, courtesy of Sankaku Complex, and while your at it have this picture of Chobot dressed as a nurse. Pop it in your toss-bag.

Now, I'm not so chauvinistic as to forget about our female readership.I will just as happily concoct an image of Captain Falcon bumming the shit out of Solid Snake, if only you would ask. I promise that through the medium of MS Paint, I will make that happen for you.

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YEAH R0Y said...

i'd like to see falcon bumming snake please ........