Sunday, 3 January 2010

First Contact

Today, we have made further, bolder steps, going deeper and deeper into the blogosphere. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the decidedly non- seedy world of link-sharing. We at Split-Screen are now forever entwined with another videogames blog - the incredibly lovely System Fail News. This way, you can get a double-dose of bloggy goodness whenever you come here, or go there, as the case may be. I'm flattered and honoured at this union and want all of you to go read and comment and spread the word. You have to think, time was you had to put up with whatever tripe CVG and Gamesmaster were peddling. Now, schmucks like us do it for free! So show some appreciation. Seriously though, you guys are alright.

Anyway, your doing yourselves a favour too by reading System Fail News. The clue is in the title. Specifically the 'news' part. When was the last time we managed to do that. In terms of news, we're admittedly utter shite. But now someone has our back so that we are free to continue to peddle our unique brand of delusional smart-arsery. SFN now remains linked over to your right------------>

Also, in another bid to remain current, 'fresh' and cool, Split-Screen now can haz a Twitter account. I can tweet from my phone and it allows us all to make opinionated, un-thought-out sweeping statements at will, without any of this pesky context nonsense. The address you need is get there now and follow us, for a window into the abyss that has never before been offered.......or just to listen to me going on. Also, I'd like to point out just how inventive and witty the name StwittScreen is. You see, it's like Twitter, cross-bred with Split-Screen. Sometimes I just amaze myself.


cr0nt said...

Lolololol does that 4th tab in the bottom picture say ASS PARADE?

Who's benefit was that for? ;)

Justtherightbullets said...

PMCO. Genius^^

Bojack85 said...

Awesome stuff!

samboy said...

yay my button! :) Thanks dudessss

and yes why isnt there frickin toys in cereal anymore?! thats the only reason i ever bought it!

shove your hands to the bottom, get germs all over the cereal, get the toy and throw the cereal away cos it gets all stale! funtimes x