Friday, 20 November 2009

Too far?

Many of us tend to build up a weird sense of attachment to things that we love. For instance, I myself, found that today I could not bare to part with my original copy of Fallout 3. I could have traded it in to save money on the game of the year edition, but I just couldn't do it: after all the hours of joy that game brought me, it just seemed wrong. Now, I understand this behaviour to be a little weird, sad even, but this story made me feel just a little bit more normal.

Dating sims aren't anything new as far as Japan is concerned, but Love Plus seems to be getting a fair bit of attention lately. If the mark of a successful dating sim is seeing its players reach the dizzying heights of obsession, then Love Plus is a bona fide hit. Yes, the guy married his in-game girlfriend. They had a real ceremony and everything. There's even a reception. I wish I was funny enough to make this up. The picture, I believe, is of the certificate and 'their' wedding photo. I wonder what the cake was like. How would you consummate this? All manner of dick-slamming-in-DS scenarios are running through my head. Perhaps he just jerks off onto the screen. Can a DS handle a jizz-soaking? This is something that I need to investigate.

In summary: fucking hell.

via Tinycartridge


samboy said...

thanks for the suggestion, but i just didnt like Fallout 3! *cowers*

not enough zombies ;)

vandalworks said...

zombies? PAH!!! i want a game with critters in. that'd be amazing

cr0nt said...

vandalworks, you write the script and secure permission to use the images etc. and I'll program it.

cr0nt said...

And if samboy gets left 4 dead 2 (there is no game with more zombies in it than that) then I will happily play a game


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