Sunday, 29 November 2009


I thought I could hold off, but I got too excited when our newly designed banner appeared in my inbox earlier this evening. I've been on at my good friend, Rhiannon Griffiths for some time now to do me an awesome banner. I knew that she was the lady for the job after seeing plenty of her designs, and after we almost did a comic together. I asked her to go nuts and she did just that. I am both honoured and flattered to have her work on here, not just because she's so good at what she does, but also because it helps to solidify a lot of the ideals I have in my mind for this little old blog.

I want to make a place for the people I know and care about, and this is just one more piece in the puzzle. I know she'll be reading this, so Rhi-Mixx, you have my deepest thanks. I know I kept on about it. Like, really kept on. But only because I knew how awesome it could be. It has exceeded all of my already high expectations and I couldn't be more flattered that someone would do this for me, just because I asked - just like all you other wonderful souls who contribute here. Thank you.

I hope you all like the change, or at least learn to love it, expect to see our new graphics adorning all sorts of promotional crud in the near future. Here's the full version:



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