Friday, 20 November 2009

Holy screaming suckbags Batman!

There have been a great number of posts in the last two days, so here's reminding you that we are currently running a competition to win loads of game related schwag including a much coveted Borderlands tee! The contest is to rework the cover art of any video game ever made into something more apt, comical or beautiful. The winner will be decided by a community vote. Just in case anyone forgot. Full details here.

[EDIT: I have been slammed for the next paragraph because it was initially the suggestion of my common law wife. All credit to her.]
It seems that my idea to rework a particular game as a Penguin Modern Classics type cover has already been done, and worse than that one of the very games I wanted to do is on the list and better than I'd ever be able to do (sucks not having a graphics tablet). Here is a sample of what is possible (and not the one that I wanted to do).

To see the full collection of these go to the website of the guy who did it: Olly Moss. Click on the video game bit on the left. And then click on the 'threadless' link and buy each and every t-shirt design here. Be warned, I already own the 'Horde' and 'Right angle' tees.

This has completely nerfed my idea - but there is another game I could do in this style, so you'll have to wait and see...

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vandalworks said...

thats pretty sweet looking... i've got a couple of ideas but neither that i feel are any good=/

i'm really stuck on this!!


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