Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Resident Silent Pingles Evil Hill

Possibly the single strangest advert ever made... to my knowledge most gamers don't have pringles to hand a lot because they leave greasy mitts which then makes pads greasy - still Capcom probably made some money out of the HUD on show


Justtherightbullets said...

LMAO. Definitely one of the stranger ads around. Why was she dropping all her weapons (and rubik's cube)? Were they out of danger because he had crisps? Heh. So many questions.

cr0nt said...

...and yet NO answers!

The Faux Bot said...

Fucking hell. Surely that's Eastern European. I think she gets rid of her weapons etc. because it's time for sex. They could go off whilst he's 'going off'. Ah's been a long day.


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