Monday, 23 November 2009

Finished. Photos to follow on the weekend hopefully!

Okay, so I finalised the design for my arcade stick, and here you go

The plan has changed slightly, the black will remain, all of the white will become the lighter grey (around the buttons) and on the back will be this:

Hopefully this will get any of you with MadCatz (or Hori) sticks to mod them and put a split-screen splash on them somewhere. Team Battle mode 4 lyfe.


The Faux Bot said...

That looks awesome mate. Right on! It's Split-Screen branded, so you know it's good quality!

cr0nt said...

If anyone wants their idea made up then they can contact me by PM and maybe I'll give out my email address and work something for them to their specifics.

I know I'm not the only stick owner!


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