Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Medic! 18 Men down!

Infinity Ward have added yet another reason for PC gamers to pirate Modern Warfare 2, as well as scrapping dedicated servers ALL FORMATS will have games capped at 9 vs. 9 - I'm not sure what this means as even the largest game on Modern Warfare is Ground War which accomodates 9 vs. 9 (which will take the full weight of my PhD in Mathematics to show is the same as what they have planned).
Why PC gamers are annoyed at this in particular I don't know but they are, and Infinity Ward don't care.

Do you think that this is because they are expecting the majority of PC users to pirate the game or that they see their product as being so successful anyway that they think that it is ok to alienate thousands of gamers?

For those of you looking forward to this coming Tuesday at least you have the new tv advert to whet your appetite.


Bojack85 said...

I was under the impression that the majority of game modes in modern warfare 1 were 8 vs 8 with a couple of modes allowing for maybe 2 extra players on each team. I think the only people getting pissed off by this news is the pc bunch and most of them are only showing off about the fact that there wont be any dedicated servers.

I couldnt care less about PC crowd, 18 players is more than enough for me in fact thats 1 more person on each team which means an extra person to kill. I'm stoked. Nuff said!

The Faux Bot said...

Activision do make plenty of stupid decisions (Tony Hawk's Ride) but I'm sure they did their calculations for this one.

Piracy running wild and hardware demands that alienate everyone accept for affluent loners probably won't generate high sales on the PC. If they aren't going to makes lots of money, they won't be interested.

vandalworks said...
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vandalworks said...

no idea for the pc version, but if the console version has proven to be a major hit, why not bring the pc version into line? one thing i've noticed is that some pc gamers seem to think they're above consoles, and seem to retaliate a little when something like this happens. 6 V 6 is where its at anyway, and its here the most majority of games are played on modern warfare. private games allow for 9 v 9, and for me this is plenty. it could easily get a little crowded.

as for smaller maps, treyarch made bigger maps on WAW and this did not work! keep em small, nicely spaced with variety and we're onto a winner.


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