Thursday, 13 August 2009

Watch this: NOW!

Urgency is required! As I watched this in my characteristically nonchalant fashion, planning to blog it afterwards, I realised that today is the last day that this movie is free to watch online.

Second Skin unfortunately has nothing to do with hot ladies in skin-tight latex - as the title misled me to believe. It is however, a fascinating look into the world of MMO gaming from a relatively non-patronising standpoint. The 'outside looking in' mentality that usually surrounds any sort of reportage on gaming culture is both frustrating and demeaning, luckily, that is something that this documentary bypasses, so far at least. As I haven't yet finished watching it (blog urgency!) it may take a turn for the worse, but I have faith.

It's pleasing to see the positive influence these games have on people's lives. It's very easy to vilify MMO gamers and their shunning of our perceived reality. Whilst I could never commit to something so all-consuming, the idea of everyone starting out equal is one that appeals to me. Then I imagine myself in 5 years; having to remortgage the house, wondering where my family have gone as I try to prise myself from a computer chair cocoon comprising of my own piss, feaces, jizz and Wotsit crumbs. I'm not judging MMO gamers, just myself.

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Irkin Invader said...

Holy fuck bro good find!

Sad, geeky and pretty fucking depressing at times, but it still rocks!.....King of Kong FTW!!!