Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter Tournament: Update! (again)

Just another quick update to make sure we all know what's going on. Right now, we are one fight away from what I'm thinking of as 'game time'. Basically, once Bojack fights MuzzledGrunt (formerly known as J JOHNSON) then we will have each fought each other once. From thereon in you will have to fight everyone again, but this time you won't be constrained to our fixtures schedule.
The whole purpose of the schedule was because I assumed there wouldn't be that much interest and as usual, I would have to bully people into sharing my enthusiasm. Thankfully, I was proved wrong and everyone has thoroughly gotten into it, something for which I am incredibly grateful.

When the next round begins, we will have weekly updates (at least) to the table so you guys can keep tabs on each other and see who you need to beat. After that, we get the semis and the finals and then two of you lucky chaps get to walk away with shiny, shiny cups. NaFunk is still yet to rejoin us, but the loose structure of the next round will be much more accommodating to people's schedules which will allow him to rush a heap of matches before the semis start, if he so wishes.

Keep watch on here as always for an 'official' announcement, here's how we all stand right now (not counting fights held this week):

The Faux Bot


cr0nt said...

Come on already, I'm fed up of Drew kicking my ass [his Abel is pretty tough - not a jot on mine though {I kid}o_0] I need to get some of this action. And remember, walk away quick lariat ftw [also c.lp xx c.lp xx medium Banishing Flat --> spinning piledriver works to win too - the block stun is just enough that they cannot do anything to prevent the SPD, but that is a whole different conversation]

cr0nt said...

Also, anyone who wants to spar in between their fights can add me, my GT is cr0nt (as seen at the awesome forum)