Friday, 7 August 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter Tournament: Update!

Just so you all know what's going on: Nafunk has sadly had to drop out for the time being due to not being able to get on Live. So, instantly Bojack gains 2 more points as does Prof Membrain seeing as he would be fighting Nafunk in the next round. Nafunk, it's a shame to lose you mate, hopefully you'll be good in a week to participate in the second rounds. Either way, you still have our respect for being what is commonly refered to as 'A Trooper'.

With that said, I now wish to formally announce that IT IS FUCKING AWWWWWWWN! AND I DON'T JUST MEAN 'ON', I MEAN 'AWWWWWWWN!' WITH 7 W'S. THAT'S RIGHT, 7, COUNT THEM. 7. YOU KNOW THAT MEANS WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! Just go fight whoever it is you are yet to fight and keep watch on here for the updated table. Thanks for sticking around gents.


The Motherfucking Faux Bot

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