Friday, 14 August 2009

Splitscreen book club?

Knowing many of us enjoy the odd art book and seeing how Street Fighter IV has been making up a large part of our time over the last few months I thought I'd share this, in case anyone has missed it.

There's a cool video on Amazon of a reviewer flicking through the pages here. At 320 pages and with the variety of images, artists and styles this seems a steal at 22.49- although amazon have only 4 left left in stock as I'm typing this. Go now!



Split-Screen said...

Click! One-button shopping will be the end of me. Thanks Amazon.

In case you were wondering, I went and bought it.

The Faux Bot

Bojack85 said...

As its payday I went all out and bought this and the Udon's art of Capcom aswell

vandalworks said...

i just bought it too! there was a marketplace seller selling it for £17 and a bit, cant say no to that!