Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mike FAUX'ing Haggar

My friend and yours, Ultimate GMX, has a strange obsession with drawing yours truly. In his warped child's brain, I look a hell of a lot like the Grinch and usually have my wang out. Thankfully, for this public viewing we have been spared the sight of my illustrated wang, but you still have to look at that face.

I hope this doesn't haunt you in your nightmares as it does mine. This is me as Mike Haggar, pimping the site as usual. Click to embiggen and see it animated when we figure out what went wrong. Oh, also leave a comment because he is incredibly self-conscious, bless him.


vandalworks said...

you look more handsome on the pic i'll say that


Just for the record it was the Faux bot that started to draw people at work with their tiny wangs out, I just followed suit. He seems to have an obsession drawing the male genitalia like that dude from Superbad. He drew a picture of me with my chin shaped like a giant hairy ball sack the other day. Very funny though.