Friday, 14 August 2009


If theres one thing that developers id do well its FPS and if you dont believe me check out the new trailer for their next big thing ,Rage! An awesome looking post-apocolyptic FPS/Driving game scheduled for release in 2010. Please come join me on the awesome side of the fence for this game and look out for Hype-Pipe feature closer to realese for more details. Enjoy!!!!



Split-Screen said...

Oh hey, where's my jaw...oh there it is................on the floor!

Jesus. I fucking love the apocalypse.

The Faux Bot

cr0nt said...

The first part after the explosion looks SERIOUSLY like the supermarket near megaton in fallout 3 - this because they are both now owned by the same people?? The buggy also looks a lot like the one in Half Life - here's hoping its better than the sum of its parts!