Saturday, 15 August 2009

Michael Myers in the house

When I received a voice message a few days back from a random COD4 player claiming he was 'setting up a Mike Myers' I naturally assumed he was a crazy and his knife spree would be on the news in a day or two. When no news of this kind broke, I checked into it and discovered it was a user created game played out in private matches on COD. It actually sounds OK, here are the rules I found on the AV Forum:

"Michael Myers rules:

- 1 person will be nominated to be MM. This person will choose the top team and everyone else will choose bottom.
- MM must have the following setup – Shotgun, Bandolier, Juggernaut and Extreme Conditioning.
- Everyone’s setup must include a shotgun. The perks can be chosen by yourselves but claymores/3xfrag/C4 are not allowed.
- You are not allowed to kill MM, only hide and run. Only the last person standing is allowed to pull out there weapon to try and kill him.
- Victims are allowed to throw stuns/flashes/smoke grenades to help them escape MM (NO REAL GRENADES)
- Whoever is the last man standing against MM will become MM in the next round.
- 15 minute Time Limit.. (If possible)
You only get 1 life on this Mode"

Also alternative rules/
"Zombie Game Rules:

- 2 people will be nominated to be Zombies. These 2 people will choose the top team and everyone else will choose bottom.
- Zombies are only allowed to stab there victims.
- Victims may shoot at the Zombies but the game will be set up to allow headshots only. (No stabbing the zombies!)
- Victims are only allowed to use Bolt Action Snipers and pistols to take out a zombie. Zombies must run around with pistols so that ammo can be picked up by the victims.
- Once you have been stabbed by a zombie you must change team and begin hunting.
- The last 2 standing will become Zombies in the next game.
20 minute time limit
Lives are unlimited so that Zombies can keep coming back for more!"

I investigated why MM needs the shotgun and it turns out he can use it when it's down to 1 vs 1.

I'm not saying it looks as fun as the genius that was King of the castle we invented for GTA4, but it does look like a bit of a laugh. A topic for the forum?

If you overlook the fact Myers is spelled wrong at the beginning, this is funny in parts...

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The Faux Bot said...

I'm up for that man. Get a topic in the forum to start getting a game together!