Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Does anyone have an account here ? It's a neat site I came across a few days ago and while its not what I first thought (I'll explain) it's still pretty interesting. Basically it claims to give you a more accurate Gamerscore, explained here:

"We believe the harder an achievement is to obtain, the more points should be received.

We've decided that an achievement's difficulty can be accurately approximated by using a formula based on how many people have that achievement compared to how many people own the game. We also understand the phrase 'accurately approximated' is a contradiction in terms but are refusing to remove it on the grounds that it sounds impressive.

From there we multiply the original points given to the achievement by our difficulty score and end up with the TrueAchievement score".

Sounds interesting, yes? What I originally thought this site had done was given more realistic scores to every game, for example all 5 achievements in Avatar: The Burning Earth should have a total value of, say, 25 points rather than 1000 points due to ease and N+ would have a total of say 600 rather than 200 because of its difficulty. This of course was a foolish mistake as this would involve every game and every achievement being assessed individually with way too much room for debate^^.

What their formula does is reward completion of games and having difficult to obtain achievements. This is good, but unfortunately means those avatar achievement points are still worth the full 1000. Still, It's fairer than the current system.

This should be the part of the post I share my 'TrueAchievementScore ratio' and challenge you to go find yours. And it would be if I could get it to work -_-* . Apparently my privacy settings are on and this is preventing a scan... They are not on, and hammering the 'request update' button is having little effect. Rest assured the moment it works I'll post it up here and you can all go cry as my awesomeness dwarfs you. Or not, whatever, I don't care...

EDIT: My ratio is 1.43^^.


vandalworks said...

I've just registered, but it doesnt make any sense to me. says i have no achievements?

Justtherightbullets said...

I've just found you on there and added you as a friend. Your statistics are showing up now^^

The Faux Bot said...

I got 1.42. Is that good? Numbers confuse me. Not like lovely words. Words like soliloquy. Ahhhh.