Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Split-Screen Podcast: Episode 6

Today I had a headache and very little food. We all swore quite a bit and got angry. This is also the longest podcast we've ever done..... I think. This one isn't for the feint-hearted. For the brave among you, please join us as we tackle the terrors of DLC, sentimentality and rebellious Ice Cream Vans. You've been warned.




cr0nt said...

I want my chocolate coins from the last one... you suck.

The Faux Bot said...

Carry on like this and that care package just might not find it's way to London. I am 'orchestrating' my good man. Sit tight.

cr0nt said...

I also want my 54 minutes back in the care package. Thanks. comments.minimised()

Caffeine Powered said...

Anything that throws in some Pantera into a podcast title gets my mark of approval. This is win.

Bojack85 said...

Hey gents great job again. Im with The Faux Bot and Prof on The Saboteur, I found it hugely disappointing and aint even bothered to finish it, mainly due to better games to play like Darksiders/ME2/Dantes Inferno. As for blitzing I dont do it for the points, I just put it down to the quality of the game.

As for DLC, Capcom are the Rupert Murdoch of DLC. Most of of thier DLC is included on the disc which is bollocks. EA might be bad charging u for stuff like Extra Souls for Dantes Inferno or Card Packs for FIFA Ultimate Team and stuff like the Skate DLC, but its nothing you cant accomplish yourslef by playing the games properly. EA just capitilise off the cheaters where Capcom just charge you for content already included on the disc.

On the point of Modern Wafare 2.....Fuck it! The Multiplayer is broken. I know theres no point in suggesting it to you guys but I highly recommend Bad Company 2's MP. Its put the fun back into online FPS for me. Check out the demo, I'll be more than happy to teach you how to play cos its nothing like MW2.

Bojack85 said...

Also the reason JTRB might not of heard of the leona lewis SCANDAL is that the sound track he has is the imported version where as that leona lewis song is only on the PAL version. Also Prof (or anyone else),if your interested in Bioshock 2/ Dantes Inferno Im looking to sell my copys to fund AVP and BC2.

cr0nt said...

Really sorry for the long post but none of the words are mine, I'll try to edit Seth Killian down as much as possible. I believe he is right though.


There seems to be some confusion and mis-information about whether or not the 3rd set of alternates are going to be free or paid DLC.

Can this be cleared up now or has this not been decided yet?

Seth Killian:

I bought the Borderland's DLC for "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned." It was released after the main game, and it was an actual download that took a half-hour to complete. Okay, so I spent a half-hour waiting for it after I decided to buy. Is that somehow better than an unlock? Why, exactly?

Is it because you think the Borderlands team started on the "Dr. Ned" DLC *after* the main game came out? Because they didn't. They began development long before the game was finished. Are you saying that I, as a player, should somehow care about the creation start date of the content? Because I don't. I enjoyed Borderlands and wanted to play some more. I'm not sure why I should be interested in when the Borderlands team started working on it--I'm just happy it was there, and was happy to pay for some additional fun in a universe I was enjoying.

At any rate, although it was not on the disc, the Borderlands team were done with the DLC well before launch of the actual game. This is also the case for virtually all other significant DLC that comes out within 6-8 months of a game's launch, and will be the case for Super SFIV costumes.

DLC costs money because it costs additional money to create. Those costs are the same, regardless of whether the created content gets delivered on a disc, or as a download. I can understand wanting as much as you can have for the lowest price (and SSFIV will give you a lot at a low price), and not wanting to pay for DLC at all, but I have never been able to understand the whole "on the disc" vs "downloaded" distinction.

IMO the SFIV DLC is the easiest kind, because it doesn't affect the core experience--it's literally eye-candy. You're of course free to come to whatever conclusion you want about buying DLC, but the whole "on the disc/not on the disc" question seems like a total red herring to me. Developers create DLC in parallel with core game development. It has its own budgets and schedules, and is often finished before the core game. It's there as an option for big fans of a given franchise, and your support helps them to create more products in that universe (which you presumably think is a pretty good thing overall).

The Faux Bot said...

I haven't got a problem with on-disc as opposed to off-disc dlc, although rationalising aside, it does seem worse. It's just Capcom announcing after-market DLC before the game is fully announced just seems like a shitty practice. Fooling you into thinking you get something, knowing that a healthy amount of people will crack. I just resent marketing using people's weaknesses against themselves. I'm too much of an idealist.

Anyway, post them scans so we can remember why we love Capcom, eh?

vandalworks said...

this podcast marks a first for me... i'm pretty sure its the first time i've heard a friend say the word 'guffaw'. kudos!!!

about DLC.... i think the good thing about having things on the disc but you need to pay extra isnt that bad a thing, as long as the game isnt charged at full price. with SSFIV being available at £25 to preorder on amazon its nice to have the option to have it without things the game doesnt need. we dont have to buy costumes that dont add anything to the game! its basically your choice whether you're getting fleeced. if the streetfighter community are so upset about the dlc and its cost... why buy it? Also about EA, as a fan of NBA live 09 the rosters are still being updated so in effect i've got the only reason why i'd buy NBA live 10. good stuff EA!

JTRB's idea for older games and having cheaper DLC, why not create for games that didnt have DLC or could do with fresh? some games wont warrant a sequl, but a lot of games have room for a little more. The one thing that annoys me with DLC however is in games like CODWAW in where if i didnt have the downloadable levels it would kick me out of the lobby. what on earth happened to choice? i'm getting penalised for not wanting to play optional levels. luckily for treyarch it was a crap game and i didnt want to play it that much, but still!

if parts of this dont make sense i'm typing as i'm listening!

vandalworks said...

and yes, it is true that we've gone back to cod4. mw2 was alright.... but the multiplayer just isnt there. the levels are too big for 6on6, which is why if i play it i prefer the 9on9 even if it isnt hardcore. i'll play it cause namredips and a couple of others play it... but its been a while since i've played it alone. the levels just arent as well designed as cod 4.

if you want a debate on cod get me and marc over there and stick the mic on!

Nosh89 said...

Nice podcast chaps, keep it comming.

Thanks for reminding me of the old Leona Hallelujah tit wank that Christmas, still sore about that one. She better not ruin FFXIII for me. Shit bag!

Finding it hard to hate Capcom at the moment as I'm bloody loving the remake of Resident Evil (old game I know but I've recently made friends with my Wii after a 2 year fallout). Anyways glad to see you guys on the PS3, last time we met was before I even got mine. Will have to send your PSN accounds over.

Also JTRB big up on the revival of the word stonking.

Bojack85 said...

Seth Killian is a CUNT!!! He's gonna justify it anyway he can and he hasnt even made a good arguement hes just made himself look a twat. Theres a big difference between Borderlands DLC that u actually download, which adds hours to the gameplay experience, and Street fighter DLC thats just eye candy,adds nothing to the gameplay, and probably cost nomore to create and put onto disc than any other games content. If its been developed along with the game and is on the disc it should be included in the retail cost. Its fucking costumes for fuck sake that dont even classify as extra content to me. You dont buy a dvd then pay extra to watch the features! Its bollocks and no fancy artwork is gonna change the fact that Capcom and Mr Killian are Money Grabbing CUNTS...........

You cant pull the wool over my eyes!

samboy said...

Ok, I didnt listen to it all cos I'm watching a film, but it made me giggle. Why didnt I know about these podcasts when I was travelling for hours on end this weekend? gah! x

The Faux Bot said...

To be fair Sam, you can get the same entertainment experience if you just poke the homeless with sticks. You know, get 'em really riled up. That said though, some of those dudes can run pretty fast, you could always just switch the podcast off.

Actually, I've done a 180 turn on this: Podcast is better than angry hoboes.

samboy said...

Haha get it totally stupid and get me and kev in on it next time. Soooo many random waffley outburts will be had, I guarentee!

Although, I'd prob talk about baking rather than gaming....

namredips said...

modern warfare 2 is shit. the only good thing about it was that it made me go back to playing single player games, after 2 years of cod4 ruling my life, i have finally sat down and completed fallout3, bioshock and even started playing my ps3 all because i hate mw2. i can rant all day about it,and i like to use the word cunt a lot. the game is a joke. by the way this is my first podcast and i lasted all the way through