Friday, 5 February 2010

Only red horse rainbows can save us

It's official - vidya gamez (tm) make the world a better place.

Recently released onto the XBLA is the OngBigGame initiative's Chime.

Why is this making the world better? At 400MSP its cheap and will provide hours of relief with its beautifully relaxed soundtrack and tetris-like gameplay. That will make your world a better place, but also, and here is the kicker - over 60% of the cost goes directly to charity. That is, more specifically, most of the cost goes to the Save the Children and Starlight Children's foundations.

I've now had hands on with this game, think of it as a weird hybrid of DJ Hero and Tetris - it includes tracks donated by Orbital, Moby and Philip Glass, all of which work perfectly when certain blocks and shapes add in new depth to the song and it suddenly blossoms and becomes beautiful. The aim of the game is to 'remix' the song that's playing by covering the grid - getting 100% coverage in the time limit also then shoots you off to a bonus round. I can see myself suddenly dropping Peggle and playing this instead, more so if more artists decide to add to it and release more grids/songs for a small charitable fee (I don't know if this is possible, but I hope so). And a lot of you know how much I like Peggle (despite losing to Old Scratch all the time).

Plus points:

It's fun

It's addictive

It gives money to people worse off than yourself

Minus points:

None as of yet

If you have 400 points burning a hole in your pocket and want a couple of hours of fun, then I heartily recommend it. Download the demo, give it a go, see if you don't get addicted too.


Sara Lynn said...

Hey I just found your blog from Sam's and I think it's pretty cool. There are two people that I really need to tell them about this blog, I think they will really like it. awesome post :)

cr0nt said...

Thanks very much. And welcome. Glad to have you (and hopefully the two other people) on board :)