Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Andrew Ryan reckons Bioshock 2 is shit

I received an interesting email this morning from none other than Mr. Andrew Ryan himself. Being the shining exponent of games journalism that we are, Mr. Ryan thought it fitting to air his grievances with Bioshock 2 through us. I am honoured to be the vessel in this instance and so, without further ado, I give you Mr. Andrew Ryan.

"Yeah, so I noticed that Bioshock 2 came out today. It was right there in Tescos and I was all like 'what the fuck!?' cos I didn't even know it was coming out! How the fuck could they make a Bioshock game without me!? I mean, they could have given me a rad mecha suit or made me into some sort of even bigger daddy or something.

Anyway, the game, even though I haven't played it, is probably total shit. For one, I'm not in it. Secondly, nobody even asked for a fucking multiplayer or dual-wielding. It's cunts like those over at 2K that made me want to build Rapture in the first place. No respect for quality, just a desire to bleed every licence dry until the real fans become bitter and leave and only the fuckwitts who never got it in the first place remain. They've asked me to be in Bioshock 3 - which is going to be like a Kart Racer style game with loads of 'neat-o Adam power-ups'. I told them to fuck right off though, cos I'm too cool for that.

Smell ya later.


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cr0nt said...

Bioshock 3 is also seemingly going to feature the ghost of Ryan.. lulz

Is anyone actually interested in the multiplayer?