Sunday, 14 February 2010

Exclusive! Sega All-Stars Racing character announcment!

Unless you're some sort of moronic fucktard, with a finger jammed right up your stinky bum-hole, rather than right on the pulse -where it should be- then you'll know that the most anticipated release of the decade is almost upon us. That's right, Sega All-Stars Racing is nearly here and just about every videogame blog worth their salt is talking about what exclusive characters will be appearing in the console-specific versions. The whole Interent erupted when jaded PS3 owners found out that XBOX owners would get the chance to play as Banjo-Kazooie. Sega has promptly responded by announcing the PS3 exclusive character and we here at Split-Screen are proud to be the first to reveal it.

Come the 26th of February, PS3 owners will exclusively be able to race as none other than Hollywood bad-boy, MICKEY ROURKE!

The star was more than happy to be part of the game and went on record as saying "It is truly a god-damn motherfucking shit of an honour. Cunts."

You heard it here first!


Jasmino924 said...

Mickey Rourke is a d-bag. Fact.

I hope that Sega come up with some sort of Limited Edition for the game that includes some free DLC and maybe a collector's figuring of Sonic.

vandalworks said...

is the demo any good? i'm suspecting it'll be a pile o'wank. but hope lingers that it mite be almost fun

Jasmino924 said...

Is there a demo out? What consoles?

Bojack85 said...

Theres a demo on 360, you can play as sonic or banjo. I found it fun but I wont purchase it at launch. Too many other games I need the moolah for.

Jasmino924 said...

I'm saving my money too. There are so many games that are better on the market. Buying this game is taking a serious risk.