Sunday, 22 July 2007

Crackdown & it's downloadable content - JustTheRightBullets reconsiders

I’ve been playing this game for a month or so now, and its good, it really is- what’s not to like? Run around, jump like the Hulk, blow shit up, throw civilians off bridges, heat seeking missiles and so on. If it were a movie it wouldn’t quite be ‘fun for all the family’ although it might sneak in as ‘a good adult romp’ (Note: having just checked the game is rated 15, apparently grenading human corpses into walls and cars is fine if its ‘cartoon violence’). I like the attribute leveling system and I even like the orb finding…for now in any case, I accept that my lack of patience with games and the sleep deprivation aided rage that I live with on a daily basis will make me retract this statement at some point. But hey, its all fun.

I do however have a gripe with the downloadable content. For 800 Microsoft points (2100 points retail for 16.99 from you can get various extras (vehicles, races, weapons) to enhance the game and 250 extra possible achievement points. After paying for the game in the first place shouldn’t all this extra content have been included or at least available for free? Where is the reward for the time investment in their game? Don’t show me the new aspects you’ve added then charge me for it. As was pointed out to me earlier by the Faux-Bot no less, for 800 points you can get a full classic game from Xbox marketplace.

Perhaps its not that bad in reality, if you don’t want to pay you don’t have to- its not like they remind you at every step what you’re missing out on. Oh wait, yes they fucking do. With a free patch that was very good by itself, came some features in-game (race markers among others) that you can now see while playing but when approached told the content must be purchased. Cheeky bastards, its like they’ve invaded my game and they’re trying to wear me down. Well guess what, its August 1942, I’m Russia and this is my Stalingrad- I’m not going to cave in and you can try all you like.


N.B. Since originally writing this I have experienced rage and frustration regarding the orb finding. How insightful I was in predicting this...

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