Thursday, 19 July 2007

Impending Explosion

Drastic title, no? But seriously.....

Part of the reason for this Blog is that it helps me curb my enthusiasm, it gives me an outlet to direct all my game-based excitement and frustration. It would appear that this time of year is particularly instrumental in perpetuating such behaviour. In the simplest terms; there are no games for me to play! I have just finished University and I'm currently unemployed, surely I should be taking advantage of this time by indulging in some sort of game extravaganza of the proportions i experienced when i first got my XBOX 360 for Christmas 2006. I would play ALL DAY, and I was glad of it.

The last game I bought was Crackdown and thanks to some surprisingly enjoyable achievements, it lasted me a very long time. But a man, as they say, cannot live on Crackdown alone. The Darkness, which I thankfully borrowed from the delightful Bojack, took me a matter of days to finish and the absolutely fuck-awful Multiplayer has turned me off completely. In short, I would describe The Darkness as the gaming equivalent of a Hot Mental. To translate; a hot girl that turns out to be a complete fucking loon; you'll go back to her cos she's hot, but you'll regret it every time because she, for example, makes you dress up as a huge baby and you can;t get laid until you've soiled yourself. The point is, it's great fun, but I wouldn't go back if I had something better to do.

I am almost literally frothing at the mouth in anticipation of a new game to get stuck into. Thankfully, there are some outstanding titles on the horizon, but they're all crammed into the last weeks of August. Then the pre-Christmas run-up begins and I'm overwhelmed with choice. The end of August sees the release of Bioshock, Blue Dragon and hopefully, EA's Skate. All three of these games, if my memory serves me correctly, got into my top 5 most anticipated. Couldn't they have spread them out a little? Months of nothing, then BAM! Right in the kisser! Games-overload and the difficult decision of which to buy first. Sure I'm unemployed, but I know how to budget, and I'm gonna do so effectively for the promise of some much-anticipated digital distraction.

No doubt, if you keep reading, you'll see how this all pans out, the smart money's on me prioritising for Skate, but the others aren't out of the race yet. TheRightBullets is taking bets, so drop him a line. Bojack is the enforcer, because he's broken legs before and has a real car. Come on August, hurry the fuck up............

On with the reading for now.........

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