Thursday, 19 July 2007

Halo 3 No Online Co-op??? Someone is gonna cut Bungie's Cord

Rumours have been circling in the gaming community that Halo 3 will not feature an online co-op, if this rumour turns out to be true i may actually question my decision on purchasing the game. I mean come people this is "next-gen", if i wanted to play a game splitscreen i would buy a last generation console. Gears pulled it off last year why can't Bungie sort their act out this year, I want the ability to play games with my mates without having to invite them to my house and play a game on 50% of my TV, I want to play my games co-op online sat in my pants in the privacy of my room, don't tease me with a Beta then don't deliver on the goods in other places. If you don't stick in online co-op I for one will be waiting til your game is cheaper than £20 before I buy it, you gimmie half a product and I will give you half the money. I think that's only fair you tits!!!!. Now I'm off to play some Rainbow 6 cos that DOES have Co-op.


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