Friday, 3 August 2007

Grand Theft Auto Delayed til Q2 2008

Alot of people today will be waking up to the news this morning that GTA IV will be delayed to Feb - Apr 2008. But i may be one of the few people to think that hey this is actually good news. After reading alot of previews of a near final build i was worried about what i heard, a struggling frame rate and worse enviromental pop-up than San Andreas. I dunno about those of you that are reading this but thats not what i want from a next gen experience of GTA. With a good holdiay line-up for the Xbox360, (Halo 3, The Orange Box, Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, Kane and Lynch, and the countless number of EA liscences), I'll have more than my fair share to keep me busy and my gamerscore addiction fed til GTA IV gets released. So have faith people and ask urself would you rather a half bakedGTA in October or a truley great next gen experience in early 2008? I think you all know the answer. And for all you Microsoft fanboys out there, say a prayer for Sony, they dont deserve having no games til Christmas.

Bojack 85

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