Friday, 13 July 2007

JustTheRightBullets: A Life in Videogames

It wasn’t until December last year (2006) that I came in from the wilderness and rejoined the ranks of console owners with the XBOX 360. It must be said I sat on the sidelines for quite a few years, completely missing the PS2/XBOX generation after my beloved N64 phase, keeping up with a few choice titles, predominantly GTA Vice City & San Andreas via my PC and Final Fantasy VII among others on a borrowed Playstation. Come to think of it I was quite a late starter as far as games consoles go in the first place, with the Sega Mega Drive being my first.

Games have certainly come a long way during my life so far; trying to get one up on each other in the sprawling maps of Gears of War over the incredible and frankly revolutionary XBOX Live system, rather than seeing who could consistently finish the first act of Sonic the Hedgehog in 30seconds or less… I would argue that both pursuits were equally as fun although they’re a bit different graphically, especially since now my Mega Drive only seems to want to play games in a grainy black and white for some reason.

To be honest I’m not sure why more people don’t own games consoles these days, especially given the utter shit that seems to be passing for television. My television license hardly seems worth the 3 or 4 programs I watch regularly. As for reality TV that is the inescapable force at present, if I actually ever wanted to face reality I’d tear myself away from the TV screens and PC monitors and go outside and interact with people- as opposed to watching an edited version of reality on the box.

"You there, jerk, go and buy a 360! At least then you’ve accepted the fact you’ve no grasp on reality instead of kidding yourself nodding along to channel 4s reality farm." That’s progress.


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