Friday, 13 July 2007

Call of Stupidity: A Faux Bot Rant

"everyone right now is demanding sandbox gameplay and total destructibility. We personally don't think that it's that fun, I mean, 'go anywhere! Do anything!' That's just - I think it's a buzzword, it's a badge, it's a bullet-point option… And total destructibility, you can really ruin the gameplay. There's so many spectacular moments that you have when you funnel the action into certain corridors… So I think right now it's a fad, and the fad will pass, we're not going to be bite on in it - we want the game to be fun first, and destructibility comes second."
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What the fuck is this douchebag talking about? These aren’t trends, or "buzz-words", they’re evolutions. As a gamer, I don’t like to be told what to do, in fact does anyone? I’ve heard this argument time and time again; that total freedom detracts from the intended fun. So What? If the gamer wants to dismiss the story, or the intended narrative, big deal, they already bought the game and are no doubt content with making their own experience. I found Call of Duty 3 an absolute chore to play. As a showboating game, it is fantastic, the events all seem so unscripted and spontaneous, and on first play I felt a genuine rush and sense of excitement. But on the second and third plays, I felt restricted, pulled along fixed train tracks with Nazis waiting to spring me at designated intervals. In short, I found Call of Duty 3 to be painfully linear, so in my opinion, for the next outing they should be doing everything to combat this feeling.

That said, I can understand C.O.D’s developers wanting to not follow trends, if all developers just copied successful ideas, well then we’d all be playing the bastard children of the bastard child that is Saint’s Row. Not a healthy world. But come on, don’t ignore an important element of so many contemporary games, just because you think you know better. Surely it’s the gamers who know what they want. I don’t want to shell out 40 quid for another glorified ghost train. I’m not looking forward to all the potential patriotism either. You play as American forces……………….in the middle east……………it’s probably not going to be all that balanced. I’m sick of all that shit in the news, why did you have to let it invade the games world too? Luckily for this all-knowing douchebag developer, the game will probably get swept up in a politically correct shitstorm and the fact that you can’t blow up walls will be forgotten.

So anyway, back to taking down that guy. Yeah, that’s right mate, Sandbox is a total fad. Tell that to Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto- what a fad game, bloody rubbish (sarcasmmmmmmm). You make your fun funnel. I won’t be buying it. You tit.

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