Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Two Street Fighter Fan Films in a week? FFS!

I admire this kind of dedication and level of fandom. I'm the kind of nerd that just spends money on stuff to prove to other just how 'into it' I really am. Hats off to these guys then, who went out and made pretty decent tribute films to the ever-awesome Street Fighter.

Unfortunately for the guys that made this first one, they didn't realise that there was a higher-budget, Capcom-sanctioned one in the works. BAM! DENIED!!

Beginnings End (the lower budget one)

Street Fighter Legacy (the sanctioned one)

Both look pretty awesome for what they are, but unfortunately both feature nerdy weaklings that makes them look like little more than dedicated cosplayers. I don't think these characters were ever intended for live action. What about you, which one looks better?


Bad News said...

I find it a bit rough that you called em nerdy weaklings. In these dudes defense I don't really think its their fault that 90 percent of the sf crew are roiders. Look at the fookin size of ryu and kens arms like. You don't get that big picking rice, I know. Face facts my fellow sf buds ryu is on the juice

The Faux Bot said...


Justtherightbullets said...

LMAO@Bad News. I don't think they were designed for live action- animation all the way! Speaking of which, where is the Juri anime they promised us? Huh? Huh?