Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Obsessive game buying

This morning I felt much better about spending money on 'non-essentials' when I saw this:

It's every Xbox360 game that has been released in Japan. I wont get into how it's even more strange/impressive given the 360s standing in Japan but instead would like to applaud the dedication! It's good to know everywhere in the world people are spending too much money on luxuries they don't need. Honestly I'm not surprised though, people will collect almost anything so I'm expecting some similar pictures from the West in response to this soon.

You do have to wonder however if the person who owns these has played them all. I'd guess the majority of these games have not been anywhere near a 360 disc tray. I wouldn't criticise though, how many of us can claim not to have a single unread book lying around or a DVD we haven't got around to yet? Judge not lest ye be judged and all that.

As is so often the case with these blog posts, there was gold to be found in the comments:

"It looks like much at first gaze, but then you compare it to the cars people buy, or the mortgages people took on their houses and suddenly this fellow appears to be perfectly sane. $30k on video games, why not." - Asbestos_Underwear

Fair comment... If I could drive my games to work or literally live in them.

Via Kotaku


The Faux Bot said...

Things like this comfort me. I'm surrounded by the needless crap that I've gathered over the years and knowing that there's always someone who can go further sort of makes me feel slightly more normal.

vandalworks said...




Why on earth would someone spend that much money on games when you liv ein Japan and could be buying Transformers? Sickens me!