Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Anyone give a shit about Black Ops?

By now I would have thought most of you have seen this new trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops. The question is - as in my witty post title - do you give a shit? Does that trademark night-vision goggle start-up sound get you all sweaty-palmed any more? Amidst all the controversy concerning the brand, Activision and Infinity Ward, not forgetting that Treyarch are always playing second fiddle, the next Call of Duty needs to be like a sparkling sapphire in a quagmire of dog shit.

That said, if I was ever going to care about another Call Of Duty game it'd be this one. Espionage, Russians, Major Tom; all that Cold War stuff really starts my engine. More importantly, it makes with a break from tradition, after all, being sick of the Gulf Wars is the new being sick of the World Wars.

I know, it's only a teaser, but they've hinted at the right things here: cosmonauts, Vietnam and the prospect of being 'forced to remember'. That means you've seen some bad shit. You repressed it and now the evil government scientist want to crack open your brain like a raw egg. If this game is about fucking up some dudes that want to smash your mind open and getting to go into space then sign me up.

As much as I enjoy the setting, I'm curious as to whether a developer as hackneyed as Treyarch can nail the tone for a Cold War game. The trailer follows the standard format: heartbeat synchronised fade-ins and outs, explosions that are all like brawwwwsh and that audio cue that sound like a string section being sucked into a vacuum. If they're breaking with tradition they should at least have the guts to go all the way and not just slap a Cold War skin on the same old shooter. My advice: go play Snake Eater and stop watching Michael Bay movies.

What do you think?


vandalworks said...

Not really. Its one of those games I may get depending if I have money or theres not much else out around that time. I didnt think WAW was bad, certainly wasnt that good though!

Man, when you reckon would be a good night for Mike Myers? We need to get this going!

The Faux Bot said...

Dude, I'd be up for some tonight if you all are!

cr0nt said...

More to the point, will anybody be buying this for the same old multiplayer with a new skin.

Who REALLY buys CoD games for their campaign mode?

I think I'll start saving the pennies for Battlefield 3 ;)

vandalworks said...

I think I could be done with fps to be fair! cod4 for me is yet to be beaten in terms of level design, balance and out right fun. BF2 is alright, better than MW2 anyway but its lacking something.

Tonight I have friends around again!!! Tomorrow night I'm free though if everyone else is? I'll see who I can stir up and get online=]