Monday, 10 May 2010


Just got made official! Looks adorable as all hell, right? Makes me want to go back an do something creative with the first one, but that might have to wait until after Lost Planet 2. I know this will be everywhere, but my motivations for posting it are entirely selfish, you see I need to know what that music is! Internet sleuths, tell me! hopefully I will have an answer when I return.

What are your thoughts? Now it's going to be about making your own games rather than just your own levels with Media Molecule boss Mark Healey being convinced that the title will see creators giving birth to entirely new genres, is this blind optimism, genuine, or marketing guff?


Justtherightbullets said...

I think there are enough people with enough motivation to build whatever they can using the limits of the tools. The more they include, the more we'll see come out the other end. As for entirely new genres though- that seems a little over the top.

I will however be applying for the new position at Media Molecule that'll be created when necessary to decide what constitutes a new genre^^.

The song sounds like a cross between Wing, The Chipmunks and Moby.

cr0nt said...

Somebody. Buy me a PS3. Like now.

Interesting fact: the guys at Media Molecule actually all studied mathematics and not computing at university.

Irkin Invader said...