Saturday, 8 May 2010

Big-up the 'buff

If any proof was needed that igglybuff's Blanka was a bad-ass motherfucker here it is. This picture was accurate as of yesterday (7th May) and he is still active (when he's not drinking beer or playing with kittens), so watch your ass if you see him lurking around in the SSFIV ranked lobby.

'Number one in Europe, bitches' - igglybuff 07/05/10


Anonymous said...

forgot my password again lol... cheers man the reason im sweating is because myself and the k boppa just demolished d4wg is a handicap match - igglybuff

cr0nt said...

I want to see burge v The Mullah (best blanka in the UK), see if he can't get burgey to stop jumping ^_^

It'd be interesting to see how it stands in 6 months time when the competition stiffs up - hopefully it'll improve burge's game and he'll still be there, with nearly as many bp as pp :)