Sunday, 20 December 2009

Swagbag update

My most sincere apologies to anyone whom this may have affected. Basically, the micropolll embedded voting thing is fucked. I can re-embed the html but all the results are now gone. Also, until last night, I didn't realise that you could vote several times just by clearing your cookies. I set it to limit one vote per IP address, but unfortunately, there seems like there was a way around that too.

This is only a minor setback though, I just need your patience and understanding. As of now, we are taking votes again through both email and comments. Only registered Google/Blogger Id's will be counted in the comments so if you don't have one, sign up or just e-mail your vote to
You can comment on either this post or the post with all the entrants in, as I understand some of you already have.

In retrospect, I should have done it this way from the start, but we live and learn and here's hoping for more streamlined and more successful giveaways in the future. Feel free to shout at me in the meantime though. Obviously the swag won't be making it in time for Christmas now, so I will be extending the closing date for votes until 1st January 2010 - giving plenty of time for lost votes etc. to be re-acquired.

Again, I can't apologise enough. Make sure you let your voters know the changes and hopefully this will all get back on track. Best of luck.....again.

Oh yeah, and did I mention how sorry i am?


samboy said...

in case my email didnt come through, I vote VANDALWORKS!

cr0nt said...

I vote Frogger. Win.

Justtherightbullets said...

Micropoll can suck it. I vote FROGGER, baby.

igglybuff said...

frogger! win (Y)

Rhi-Mixx said...
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Rhi-Mixx said...

Frogger. Whooooooooo.

Epsigon said...

I'm putting in a last minute vote for...FROGGER!