Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Split-Screen Christmas swagbag big awesome giveaway bonanza! Seventh entry update!

Yeah, that's right, two in one day. BAM! Right there, readers! I always wanted to talk to people like the Beano characters talked to me. Look ma! I've made it! Now I'm doing it, just like Dennis The Menace!

The seventh entry into our illustrious giveaway is brought to you by none other than our current Street Fighter champion - Vandalworks. As a result of his success and all-round awesomeness, Capcom approached both Vandalworks and Split-Screen to collaborate on a special DLC pack for Super Street Fighter 4. Naturally, we said yes, but insisted on creating our own artwork. Here it is:

The DLC package will feature Vandalworks as a playable character. He plays almost identical to Gouken only he has guns and is invincible. He also has an attack that features vicious dogs. VERY vicious. The pack will be made exclusively available to PLATINUM Xbox Live members only. What? You don't have a PLATINUM account!? Just Gold? You pathetic turd!

Anyways, contest ends tomorrow! Vote or die!


samboy said...

I've voted this one!

YEAH R0Y said...

effort kev

vandalworks said...

effort? you shoulda seen how much time i put into the one i didnt use! it looked baaaaaaaaaaad!!!!