Sunday, 13 December 2009

Swagbag contest finishing soon!

Entries for the Christmas swagbag giveaway will be closed as of Wednesday this week, that's the 16th. So anyone who still wants to enter better get their arses into gear! After that, all the entries will be re-posted for your judgement. Voting will most likely take place via email, for unregistered readers and through the comments for those with accounts. For those who didn't enter, please at least make sure to cast your vote.

For anyone still on the fence here are the latest additions to the swag.

Some delightful Overlord figurines, a Prototype artbook, a Resident Evil zombie surgical mask, C.O.D. MW2 wristbands, an Avatar t-shirt and a Lego Rock Band keyring.

Posts will get a little erratic now, with Christmas making me very busy and very tired, however, I will be encouraging everyone to submit a few words to speak up for their Game of the Year 2009 and will be posting coverage of our as-yet untitled new year's gamesfest.


cr0nt said...

Words to support my Super Meat Boy effort: Vote Dai. ^_^

vandalworks said...

i'm hoping i'll have some sort of entry in tomorrow.... or wednesday at the very latest... keep god damn forgetting and they days have shot by!

The Faux Bot said...

Get on it bro! I'll make sure to check with you before I close it, but I need enough time for voting and postage before christmas!