Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Split-Screen Christmas swagbag big awesome giveaway bonanza! VOTING TIME!

My, my. This has all come together quite nicely so far. All the entries are now in and submissions are closed. The time has come to vote for your favourite entry and help your favourite creator to win a whole bag full of swag. The air outside is cold and crisp, so why not step into our lovely, warm gallery and take in some art:

To view the entries as their original posts, click the relevant name: Vandalworks Yeah Roy D4WG justtherightbullets Token Gestures Sir Gadd Cr0nt
Take your time and vote with honesty. I will be closing the poll this Sunday - that's the 20th - to maximise the chances of the goodies arriving in time for Christmas. Please be nice and don't try to cheat the poll, instead just tell everyone you know to come and vote. More traffic = better giveaways in the future! Creators, I fully expect you to vote for yourselves, and why not. I'm not going to tell you my vote, to avoid any accusations of favouritism. I plan on casting it tactically when a few are already in.

I'd like to take this chance to thank each and every one of you who entered and have continued to support the site, you all make it worthwhile. Seeing the entries all presented, having the poll up and getting to give this stuff away has made my year, so thank you all again - you bring a tear to my eggy shell. I am flattered that people would give up even the smallest amount of time.


cr0nt said...

Come on Frogger!

YEAH R0Y said...

go team yeah roy !

cr0nt said...

o_0 who the hell else is in London?

YEAH R0Y said...

not me