Friday, 12 June 2009


Alright, here it is: this post officially kicks off the very first, and massively delayed (sorry) OFFICIAL SPLIT-SCREEN STREET FIGHTER IV TOURNAMENT! Wow, can you believe it? Such wonder and excitement, right?

All the fixtures and results will be posted here as they come in, so if you haven't bookmarked us yet - do it now! Go on, I'll wait. The tournament is essentially a league, with a point being attributed to each round that you win.

The Rules:

- No bitching about d-pads/controller issues. It's not cool.
- No Akuma, Gouken or Seth. Screw what the tier system says: these guys are out-and-out fuckers.
- We can't stop being cheap or overcome any issues with lag. The game is what it is and how you exploit it is up to you. But please, try and be sporting and any issues will be treated seriously and be properly considered, just message me if you have any that can't be sorted out between yourselves.

The prizes:

Realising that I am broke and have had plenty of trouble getting hold of my intended prizes, there's going to be a bit of a change. I'm thinking perhaps some medals or cups and then keep the Akuma figure and other costly prizes for another time. Ideally, the next ones would involve a small entry fee to cover any prizes. You'll be getting something cool, if not toys, then trophies, just sit tight and it'll get announced properly near the end of the tournament.

That's it! The listings are below. All competitors will be receiving XBOX Live messages detailing their fixtures. Keep watch for constant updates and come show your support by trash talking and cheering in the comments section.


J JOHNSON vs Justtherightbullets
Bojack85 vs Prof Membrain
ULTIMATE GMX vs Vandalworks
The Faux Bot vs NaFunk

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The Faux Bot

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vandalworks said...

yes!!! i'm up the top! end the tourney today as thats as good as its gonna get!