Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nerd's Toss-bag (Part 1)

And now for something completely different. The nerd's toss-bag is a strange and frankly frightening place that I would never delve too deeply into for fear of social persecution and mental breakdown. However, a peak into the open top of the bag shows the regulars that have been thrust upon all of us, therein lies part1.

Video game cosplay. Anyone who has ever put the words street fighter into a search engine has no doubt come across a slightly raunchy Cammy cosplay. Turns out the woman in question is Alisa Kiss and went from cosplayer here to well, soft porn, here.

This is nothing new, people will always want to look at women dressed up as their favorite female characters and scantily clad women will always be used to sell games, movies and everything else. But now apparently there are new game related ways for woman to provide cheap thrills.

The birth of the Wii changed the nerd's toss-bag forever as lad's favorite Nuts magazine illustrated with a whole series of virtually identical videos showing some nobody models bouncing around playing games topless. Here you go:

This spawned a series of 'real-life' copycats on youtube, guys filming their mostly ass-less girlfriends dancing around on the Wii Fit board, you've seen the kind of thing. This did graduate into some sort of sexy competition (see below) which seems like a pretty good idea. That said, being the kind of guy who likes to 'cover all the bases' with regards to posting on here, I took great care to check out but it seems to be faulty at the moment.

That's all for now folks, just scratching the surface. Feel free to contribute to this feature that's what the comment section is for. Ideally I'd like a whole post in future made up by reader contributed fan favorites. Also, if you want random girls draped in consoles and game pads just use Google they're two-a-penny.

Just for kicks, the Game trailers user profile that provided the topless Wii video had this as his(I'm guessing) profile picture:


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Very nice piece. More topless videos please.